Making Money Investing in Penny Stocks In 8 Weeks With Minimal Risk


It’s common knowledge that investing in penny stocks can be very risky; even the SEC will back that up. Despite bad press and ample warning, investors still seek fortunes using this high risk trading method.


Simple…smart investors are making fortunes day trading penny stocks. Because armed with the right information and trading skills there is potential for insane returns on penny stocks. It’s no joke that there are fortunes being made for those who are picking correctly.

This article will help you eliminate the risk inherent in penny stock trading by giving you information to be successful picking money making stocks even if you are a total beginner to investing.

The key to making money with this commodity lies in mentoring with someone who understands the risks, and has a proven track record picking these low cost stocks. No need for you to understand technical analysis, moving averages, relative strength index, accumulation /distribution line and loads of other technicalities right off the bat.

What’s worked for me is extremely simple, and believe me I am no expert in technical trading.

Here is my simple strategy to make money in about 4-8 weeks…

First sign up with a penny stock “guru” to start receiving email alerts.

However, I never immediately bought the stocks that the guru sent as “buys”.

Instead I tracked for 4-8 weeks the results that would have occurred had I bought the stocks was recommended. This exercise keeps you engaged in the performance of each stock yet you are not risking your own capital

The results were extremely revealing, for example one course consistently sent stock picks that had consistent gains of well over 100%.

This “sit back and see” method of testing works great for me as I did not mind purchasing a few programs and tracking the results to see if the stock picks were winners. Truly no risk at all, because you are simply tracking results!

Be diligent and meticulously “track” the performance of the recommendations sent. When you see consistent returns on the stock recommendations, it’s time to actually start trading. How much money would you have made?

If your serious about learning penny stock trading why not give this method a try? The risk is low ( the one time price of the course) and the upside is unlimited.


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