Baba Vanga Could See Future-Baba Vanga’s Predictions about 2020


Baba Vanga was a Bulgarian lady who was believed to have lot of spiritual powers. She became a blind woman after a tornado. That was the turning point of her life. She was also known as “Grandmother Vanga”. She served many people as a healer and Clairvoyant. She has had a lot of obstacles during her childhood. It is believed that she had spiritual powers to predict future. Some of the researches done by different sociologists around the world has proved that predictions of Baba Vanga are about 80% correct. 

Life is moving so fast and we ourselves cannot predict what will happen in near future. But, there had been some people with that rare ability to predict future. It is truly interesting to know about their super mind powers. This video tells you about Baba Vanga and her famous predictions about year 2020.


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