American Researches Say CoVID-19 Remain 3 Hours in Air


CoVID-19 has caused more than 10000 deaths all around the world. An exact medication has not yet been invented for this virus. Some of the researches are still going on. Many people around the world is dying as clusters. Different researches show the characteristics of this virus. It is transmitted to people through mouth cavity or nasal cavity. New researches conducted by American scientists have shown that this virus can live in air for 3 hours. Therefore, it is not suitable to stay outdoors during these days. 

Researchers say that this virus is alive on a cardboard for around 12 hours. Danger of this virus is proven to be very high with the conducted research results. The world is under the attack of a deathly disease. Watch the full video to get a clear understanding about new research facts on CoVID-19.  


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