The Eyes of Darkness-An Early Prediction of CoViD-19


CoViD-19 virus has killed thousands of people all around the globe. Infected people is still at hospitals and all the other people is afraid of the virus. This virus started from Wuhan, China and it was spread all around the world. It is very shocking to hear that this disaster was predicted earlier. The book named ‘The Eyes of Darkness” by Dean Koontz have clearly described about a bio-weapon that is going to spill a virus in 2020. This particular book was published in 1981.

The most shocking news is that this book has mentioned this virus with the name “Wuhan-400”. Isn’t it unbelievable to have a written prediction about this virus before 39 years? This video will tell you the shocking news about this book and its relationship with the current outbreak. Watch the full story and share with your friends. 


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