Ginger Can Protect You from CoViD-19


inger is one of the oldest herbs in Asian countries like Sri Lanka. It is often considered as a spice and also an herb. There are many medicinal values of Ginger. It is a small plant and the rhizome of it is taken as the herb. This can be either used in powder form or as it is. Ginger is added when making tea or curries. Ginger tea is very famous all over the world. Ginger tea can lose your weight within a few days and it can cure joint pains, cholesterol or diabetic.

The indigenous doctors in Asia have shown that this natural herb is effective to protect yourself from CoViD-19 virus. It is proven that Ginger can improve your immunity to fight against this virus pandemic. Watch this video to understand the way of using Ginger to protect yourself from deadly CoViD-19. 


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