Being too much selfless brings you many problems.

Being too much selfless brings you many problems.

It is good to be selfless and think others.But too much selflessness sometimes affect you badly. If you give first place to others without giving you the first place, it will badly affect your future life.If you give everything to others and become too much selfless, people take you as a fool and only remains regrets at last. Because sometimes you have to deal with selfish people who take advantage of your kindness and selflessness.

When you are so selfless that you think only of others and neglect your own needs You must remember to take care of yourself first and so that you can continue to help others.You should be put yourself first before anyone or anything. If you are always trying to please others, then you are unable to please yourself.

When you are finally decide to do something for yourself and think about your happiness, people do not like to see your change. Then they begin to treat you aggresively. Being too much selfless brings you disadvantages more than advantages.Although kindness and selflessness are considered as better , in some situation they affect badly to your life due to some attitudes of selfish people. A selfless person shows the following things.

Love and Kindness

This is a common thing of selfless people. If you wants to be a selfless person , you need to understand love and kindness.But you should be safe from the people who try to cheat you.Because they exploit your kindness and your over selflessness.


Everyone should know that time is gold,and it is one of the most valuable thing that we have. A selfless person will always giveout his time to help others.Sharing time with others can also be one of the best thing as you think.But it’s useless to waste your time for selfish people.

Just do what is best for yourself and others will understand with time. So try to be a selfless person but not to be a too much selfless person..But being too much selfless person to your family is no matter..


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