Stop getting influenced by a person or the society let’s win the world alone

To be happy do you really need a relationship?

To be happy do you really need a relationship?

Do we really have to depend on a partner to be happy?

What do you think? Where in life are you at this point? Happily single? Burdened with a relationship? Or happy in a relationship? Or are you stressed about not having a partner?

Wait,what is your family telling you? What are your friends telling you?
Run into a relationship?

Is that the right choice? Let us see if that is the only way to happiness .

When we were small ,we were all fed with the fact that relationships keep us stronger.For example ,the bond within the family .Yes,that was the first relationship bond we all felt and went through and we all loved it the bond we shared among each other,the support and care we had but with times everything changed. for example we grew up and our bond with the family grew apart most of us started building up new relationships in many different ways .

We started making friends some friends changed into partners and some worked out while some didn’t. This gave us a big turning point in life .A heartbroken relationship or you can call it *A toxic relationship * But is this a phase where we can end things? Be sad in a corner? Or Let go of our happiness? Or move on to another relationship to make things right? You see your peers in a healthy happy relationship? So you too feel in order to be happy you really need a partner? Or is it your friends or family pushing you towards a relationship so you can be happy ?

Go think ,find the right answer for you!Can’t you win the world by yourself? you treat yourself better than a partner do to you? you win the world alone?

Here are few ways where you can win the world alone by yourself and make you the most happiest person around,

01.Career and goals

Women often overlook their career and professional growth when they are involved in a relationship. When family planning is involved normally ladies are pressured to choose the family instead of their career . Having said that this issue can be subjective from couple to couple but unless you find a partner who understands you ; problems related to your passion will come up.

02.Self Esteem and Peace within yourself

Women are naturally emotional beings but uncertainty in a relationship can take a toll on their emotional and mental well-being. Being single helps a woman as well as a man to regulate their self esteem by making themselves more resilient and confident. And always searching for acceptance and validation from a partner will effect the quality of the relationship . So being independent physically, mentally ,emotionally and also financially is very important.

03.Study you and Enjoy being you

If you take a moment for yourself! Can u list out all the things you love to do , ur hobbies or aspirations? Self-awareness is pivotal in finding someone who’s compatible with you and your ideologies. If you don’t know who you are as a person you can never find a partner who will complement with your energy; So before rushing to a relationship it is very important to date your own self.

04.Spend quality time in building other relationship bonds

When an individual is single, as you might have twigged, they tend to spend more time with family and friends. Yet it requires a lot of time in relation to a relationship. But a big plus point to be single is that you have enough time to establish strong and deep relationships with your family and friends.

05.Confident in taking decisions by own

When in a relationship both men and women find it difficult to make their own decisions eventually they tend to get the consent of the partner and do what they want whether it is right or wrong and this decision can affect a whole lifetime to them as well as to their families But When you are single you learn to take up responsibilities and make your own decisions that will make you fearless.

06.Being different is a bliss

Most women are afraid of being judged by the society so they start living up for the society but when you are independent and single your fear of being judged is washed away completely.You will start to live different,You will be you and will learn that it is the best decision you have made so far.

When it comes to relationships and marriages ;more than men , women face unwanted pressure from the society with regards to her independent choices . Its like theres this unwritten rule book in our social framework that judge women who wants to break the system. But if you are brave enough to take ur own decisions without being influenced by outside factors, life will reward you with happiness and content . Marry when you are ready not before 30 .
Theres no gender roles its all man made

Be independent and be confident and then think of a relationship where you and your partner will share success ,Happiness and Health


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